Moody Yacht Sails

Moody Yachts have a long history of over 150 years and have been built in the UK since day one. We have specialised in providing sails for Moody boats for over twenty years and can provide competitively priced sails for your Moody… read more

Sadler Yacht Sails

Sadler Yachts are renowned to be safe family cruisers with an excellent reputation for build and reliability. At Westaway Sails we have vast experience in all Sadler sails having supplied the original sails for the Sadler and Starlight fleet of boats from new… read more

Westerly Yacht Sails

Westerly yachts have a reputation for suiting both the conservative cruising type and the performance hungry sailor. Westerly make tough no-nonsense boats that suit a wide variety of folk mainly because of their adaptable nature… read more