Service and Wash

Westaway Sails enjoys an enviable reputation for high quality repairs, alterations and maintenance to all types of sails so whatever your requirements for service and valet, the loft team has the knowledge and expertise to provide advice and help… read more

Repairs & Recut

Periodic maintenance is essential if you wish to maintain the performance of your sails. If your sails are too full or if the leech on your genoa or spinnaker flutters, or if you can no longer point to windward as well as you used to… read more

Drop-Off Locations

Arrangements have made with several organisations in the South West so that you can drop-off your sails for repair or service by Westaway Sails at a location convenient to you – and your sails will be returned for you to pick them up at the same place… read more


Direct sunlight is possibly the worst sail enemy, causing the breakdown of the cloth – new sails can lose up to 50 per cent of their strength if exposed to too much UV light and for older cloth, the effect can be even worse… read more