Cruising Sails

Westaway Sails designs and manufactures in-house for all your cruising sails and other requirements, whether you’re a day sailor or go on extended cruising breaks in blue waters. Performance and quality are important to us all at Westaway Sails– our developments and testing for the Grand Prix racing track are filtered down to benefit all our customers, whether it’s in sail cloth or ultra violet protection. Sails made in our Devon sail loft have completed countless circumnavigations and regularly last for at least 15 years… read more

Racing Sails

Whether you’re a club racer or a professional, if you want to win, Westaway Sails can provide you with the speed and performance you need. We are continually looking at ways to develop our racing sails, looking at shape as well as optimum types of cloth to use for all racing boats. We aim to provide durable sails which will last for more than a couple of seasons, so when choosing sails do contact us to discuss the level of racing you expect to be undertaking. We can then advise you on the best sail cloth to use and also about any fabric restrictions to conform to class rules or handicap systems… read more

Traditional Sails

Traditional sails can be made from start to finish using traditional methods and using traditional materials. If you’ve just finished restoring your classic boat and want sails made with the same passion, then the team at Westaway Sails can help. The latest CAD design technology and software systems are used with panels cut using the very best materials for each individual requirement by laser cutters… read more