Sailing in Dartmouth

Since the early 1820s, Dartmouth has been recognised as a key area for sailing. One glance at the mouth of the River Dart is enough to know that sailing is high on the list of leisure activities for villages in this area.

So you can spend more time on the water and less time worrying about maintenance and care of your vessel, we have made sail maintenance, care and cleaning as easy as possible. Our drop off/ collection points around Dartmouth allow you to leave your sails for servicing knowing they will be taken care of by our qualified sail experts. Our loft team offer friendly advice, excellent service and we also offer fast and emergency repairs. We can provide you with great advice on any queries you might have about your sails and covers based on over 40 years knowledge and experience in all types of sails and canvas work.

Dartmouth Sail Makers - British Sail Making

Servicing and washing of sails and canvas

Dartmouth Sail Care & Sail MaintenanceCare and regular maintenance will extend the life and performance of sails and canvas. No matter what the type of fabric your sails are made from, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure they are clean and in prime condition. Most sails and covers shouldn’t be machine washed and require specific cleaning chemicals that will be tough on stains, dirt and salt but gentle on the fabric seams and stitching.

Yearly servicing of sails is as important as all the other safety checks required for an exciting sailing experience. Making sure that salt, moisture and mildew don’t damage the seams and edging of sails is easily done with our annual wash and maintenance check service.

To combat mildew, our team uses a proven fungicide that won’t harm your sails. Laminated racing sails are washed flat to reduce shrinkage and preserve their condition. UV protective covers are checked on all sails and covers , and difficult marks such as those left by unwanted stick-on sail numbers, mildew and algae are treated with the utmost care and we have the space to dry sails flat to retain their shape and prolong their life.

Our loft team experts take the time to inspect each sail by hand after washing, making any repairs to the highest standard, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be ready to enjoy the start of each season, with free storage on completion.

Drop-off and collection locations

Dartmouth Sail Pick-Up PointsWe have many locations around Dartmouth to aid drop-off and pick up of sails and covers making sail care as easy as possible. The map below shows all of our collection points in the South West and our short list for Dartmouth is sure to have a convenient location listed for sailors in the area.

  • Baltic Warf, Totnes, TQ9 5EW
  • Dartside Quay, Dartmouth, TQ5 0EH
  • Noss Marina, Dartmouth, TQ6 0EA
  • Darthaven Marina, Dartmouth TQ6 0SG